Using ChatGPT like top 1%

and the origin story

Using ChatGPT like the top 1%

Hi friends,

This is a random 1 off email because I’ve got something important to share.

So most of you probably don’t know this about me but I am basically a lazy but ambitious nerd.

I’ve been into AI since 2020 when I interviewed CopyAI for my podcast back in the day. The podcast didn’t survive but the learnings did.

I started talking about AI on TikTok and started building startups. I have failed 4 times but maybe Prompt Genie will be different.

In February 2023, I noticed that people are going ga ga for chatgpt prompts. Anytime someone says, here’s the list of 100 prompts, people were going crazy about it. But the thing is those prompts are often useless because a prompt for 1 person just won’t work for another person.

But the problem is real. You really need good prompts to get the best out of ChatGPT. Not everyone has the prompt engineering education, nor the time to learn the craft.

I alongside my brother Natik and our friend Arunav were like what if we can make a tool that can write the best prompts ever? We’re all engineers so we just started researching like crazy and that’s how Prompt Genie was born.

Team behind Prompt Genie

Prompt Genie is not just the best prompt generator being improved over the past 18 months but it is also like Grammarly for Prompts.

While using ChatGPT, Prompt Genie will tell you what your prompt is missing and then optimize your prompt into a SUPER prompt for incredible chatGPT results.

Prompt Genie Chrome Extension

I didn’t talk much about Prompt Genie publicly because I was scared others might copy it but that is my limiting mindset and I am scared of competition.

But that changes today. I am launching Prompt Genie on Product Hunt today to spread the word. It is finally time to stop being timid and make a splash.

We built this to help others use ChatGPT like the top 1% and that won’t happen if we don’t talk about it.

So this is me getting out of my comfort zone and talking about it publicly.

And if you’ve read this post so far, I think I can count on you.

If you think Prompt Genie is useful and we’re not wasting our time building this, I’d love to get your support by simply upvoting Prompt Genie’s launch

The more upvotes we get, the more visibility Prompt Genie will get

Thanks for hearing my story, see you on Saturday with regular newsletter post 🙂 

Product Hunt Launch- Just hit the upvote

As a little thank you please use “PH20” for 20% off if you want to Prompt Genie after the free trial


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