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I sat down with the founder of NoCodeDevs, Arthur West. We went behind the scenes to see how he leverages AI and automation tools like Zapier and AgentHub in his businesses. From curating content to building full web apps, Arthur showcased the power of stitching together AI workflows to streamline marketing tasks. His examples highlighted how even simple automation can unlock massive time savings over manual efforts.

3 Insights

1. AI and automation can supercharge your marketing efforts by streamlining repetitive tasks.
2. Simple, focused automation can provide significant time savings over manual processes.
3. No-code/low-code tools are making it easier than ever for non-technical founders to build with AI.

2 Takeaways

1. Start small with automation, get the basics working, then iteratively add more complexity.
2. Explore pre-built AI workflow templates as a jumpstart for your own use cases.

1 Action Step

Identify a repetitive task in your marketing processes and try building a simple Zapier automation around it this week. Use the shared examples from the interview as inspiration.

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