🧠 3-2-1: How I automated entire email marketing

Plus: this writing tool which beats ChatGPT

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Welcome to another bite-sized read on AI-proofing careers 🙂 

3 AI Tools, 2 AI Examples & 1 AI Tutorial, let’s go!

3 AI Marketing Tools

  1. 🤙HypotenuseAI is an AI tool that creates marketing content end-to-end including brainstorming, research, drafting and editing. This AI tool writes blogs, ads, headlines etc but that will sound just like you, SEO optimized, well-researched and on-brand. Try it*

  2. 👨‍💻Say What You See is a fun little game by Google to help you learn image prompting. If you want to pursue a career in AI photography or want to master AI photos for work, this might be worth checking out

  3. 🤖Roadmap is just genius! It creates a detailed roadmap for what you need to learn based on your goals.

2 AI Examples

Email Marketing on AutoPilot

My app map-this.com is losing money at the moment. So, I want more users to jump on the paid plan. There are several ways to go about it but I wanted to stick to the basics.

I launched an opt-in for an email marketing campaign and surprisingly ~50% said yes to receiving those emails.

After sending a sequence of onboarding emails I launched a weekly newsletter. But I am a lazy and bad writer. Writing this newsletter already takes so much time that I cannot write another one.

So I got AI to rescue me. I built a workflow using Zapier that automatically runs a weekly newsletter to over 6000 subscribers.

Here’s the tutorial 

The tutorial is on my YouTube

AI Photography is going places

AI product photos are getting so good that we can’t tell what’s real. This creator is basically running a whole production studio using MidJourney

1 New AI Skill

If you ever want to create a cartoon version of a video with proper lip sync. This is what you need!

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