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Welcome to another bite-sized read to learn AI so you don’t have to pay for a course 🙂 

3 AI Tools, 2 AI Examples & 1 AI Tutorial, let’s go!

3 AI Marketing Tools

  1. 🤙PromptGenie is like Grammarly but for prompts. This Chrome extension tells you how to improve your prompt and improves it for you!

  2. 👨‍💻Magic UI is an underrated components library for website design. Do you want to add animated orbiting icons? done. Interactive clouds, done. Animated beams, done. Just search for the components and copy the code to your website.

  3. 🤖Apify is for the data nerds. This website is a marketplace for pre-built bots to scrape any data.

2 AI Examples

Saving 300+ missed leads with AI

The Home Services industry like HVAC installations, roofing etc is kinda old school. People usually call and use website forms to inquire about services, get a quote and then book appointments.

You take too long to respond or forget about the lead, whatever the reason may be but some leads miss through the crack.

An operations manager at one of the marketing companies supporting this industry has figured out an easier solution. They’re building AI chatbots for clients to handle the process of inquiry to booking. Basically, the leads chat with the AI bot, get all their questions answered and book the appointments. All with AI automation. It’s brilliant!

Here’s the full scoop

Source: Zapier Blog

Are these illustrations AI-generated or a typical corporate illustrations library?

The illustrations below in the Twitter thread are AI-generated.
It’s crazy how you turn your ideas into illustrations in seconds.

1 New AI Skill

Animate an entire presentation automatically

Let’s say you spend all night finishing up slides for your startup pitch deck.
Now you ask your Co-founder for feedback. They like it but say it misses some pizzazz. They beg you to animate all the slides but you only have a few minutes.

Introducing Canva’s Magic Animate

  1. Select all your slides

  2. Go to Animation

  3. Click on Magic Animate

  4. Select your style preference

  5. Canva automatically animates all your slides

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