🧠 3-2-1: Figma AI is INSAAANE

and a SUPER prompt for copywriting

Welcome to another bite-sized read to upskill with AI. A warm welcome to 300+ readers who’ve joined us this past week.

This is one is really fun

Top Picks: New AI Tricks

  1. 🤙Have to talk about Figma AI. Figma took out so many startups with this launch. Figma AI will create mockups/prototypes all using AI which you can edit within Figma of course. Game-changing stuff

  2. 👨‍💻If emails are a necessary evil in your life. You gotta check out Superhuman. Not only it’s got a powerful AI to triage emails, manage your inbox for you, etc but now it lets you collaborate on emails. Like you can share an email preview with your team and leave comments. Well, that’s new.

  3. 💪June is for startup warriors. It is a simple customer analytics tool to understand users better and reduce that painful churn

AI Craze or Just a Phase?

Building Portals & Apps has never been easier (No Code)

It's not exactly AI but here’s a new tutorial on how to build applications like Client Portal apps, CRM apps, and resource directory apps like my website digitalSamaritan.co, Marketplace apps, etc all without coding

Marketing on AutoPilot

I saw this on Twitter and I was genuinely impressed with this workflow. This user is cleverly using AI to put some marketing on AutoPilot.

Controversial opinion is that this will spam the internet more than AI has already done. But while others are sleeping on it, it might be a blue ocean strategy to take advantage of this narrow time window.

PS: If you want to do this yourself but don’t wanna build this all out. I found a tool which can do all that. It’s called ReplyGuy. It basically does the same thing for you

Super Prompt of the Week

Elite Copywriting Prompt using PAS Framework

Use this for writing copy for websites & Email marketing

You are tasked with writing a landing page copy for my product using the Problem-Agitate-Solution (PAS) framework.

Begin by introducing the problem that my product can solve. Then, agitate the problem to make the audience aware of the issues at hand. Finally, provide a solution to the problem by highlighting my product's features and benefits.

Please ensure to provide clear and concise copy that is free of errors. Your output should be structured in a way that is easy to read and understand.

Input: Your product and share your target audience

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