🧠 3-2-1: Claude can do what ChatGPT can't

+ Super Prompt to Create Differentiation in your Business

Welcome to another bite-sized read to upskill with AI.
Here’s a sneak peek 👀

🛠️ 3 New AI Tools
🤖Automating Newsletters with AI
🤖Interactive Data Dashboards with AI
💬Super Prompt to Create Differentiation in Your Business

Top Picks: New AI Tricks

  1. 🤙Shown is basically a software version of hiring an Ads agency. on AutoPilot. It’s like an AI agent which automatically creates Ad Campaigns using AI, looks at the data and optimizes it for you.

  2. 🎙️Bad Audio is not a problem! ElevenLabs launched a free voice isolator tool. It takes your audio for video/podcast with background noise and cleans it up to crystal-clear studio audio automatically 

  3. 👨‍💻MagicSlides is basically Magic. It turns your docs, notes, and videos into PowerPoint presentations using AI. Imagine aggregating all the research & getting the first PowerPoint draft in seconds

AI Craze or Just a Phase?

Newsletters with AI

I figured out a flow to basically run a newsletter on autopilot. (Not this one though, I love writing this one)

Basically, if you wanna run a curation newsletter either to generate passive income through Beehiiv Ad networks or to nurture your customers/customers for your business.

Interactive Data Dashboards with AI

PS: If you’re a data nerd and love dashboards. You gotta check Graphy for building data dashboards for free!

Super Prompt of the Week

Blue Ocean Strategy with AI

If you’re not familiar with the Blue Oceans here’s a quick MBA lecture.

Blue Ocean Strategy is a business approach that seeks to create new market space or "Blue Oceans," making the competition irrelevant by fostering innovation and value creation.

Instead of competing in overcrowded industries ("Red Oceans"), companies aim to tap into unexplored markets, generate new demand, and offer unique value propositions to customers.

So if you’re struggling to find a differentiation in your content or business, try this Blue Oceans Strategy prompt and let some creative juices flow!

Act as a world-class business strategist specializing in market innovation strategies. Given the following context, criteria, and instructions, develop a blue ocean strategy for software products.

## Context

The context is a software company looking to differentiate its products in a highly competitive market. The company wants to create uncontested market space by making competition irrelevant, thereby creating new demand and capturing new opportunities.

Input: Your product/business/service

## Approach

The approach involves identifying the factors that the industry competes on and innovating to create new value for customers. This may involve exploring untapped customer needs, redefining the market boundaries, and focusing on innovation rather than competition.

## Response Format

The response should include a detailed analysis of the current market, a description of the proposed blue ocean strategy, and a roadmap for implementation.

## Instructions

1. Identify the main factors of competition in the software industry.

2. Investigate untapped customer needs and pain points.

3. Propose innovative features or solutions that will create a new market space.

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