🧠 3-2-1: AI videos making Hollywood nervous

Plus: prompt to create luxury logos

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3 AI Tools, 2 AI Examples & 1 AI Tutorial, let’s go!

3 AI Marketing Tools

  1. 🤙No more copypasta if you ever wanted to build your swipe files. When you see a striking marketing copy or a quote that inspired you, Nex is a free Chrome extension that saves all your ideas for later with a single click

  2. 🤖Say what? Replica Studios is a cutting-edge Voice AI that can create super realistic voiceovers. The voices are so real you won’t be able to tell if future Disney movies will be real humans or AI voices.

  3. 👨‍💻Umm what? Logoit is a random logo generator. Keep on hitting the ‘Shuffle’ button, it will keep on spitting new logos for inspiration

2 AI Examples

Oscars but for AI video makers

If you’ve ever doubted AI-generated videos. Get ready to get blown away.

RunwayML a leading text-to-video platform just announced finalists for their second annual AI Film Festival.

These short films are completely AI-generated using the current tools. These videos are making Hollywood really nervous.

When your logo wants to be bougie

1 New AI Skill

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