🧠 3-2-1: AI for hyper-realistic videos, my fave AI tools for content...

and how I automated my IG stats

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Welcome to another bite-sized read to upskill with AI. This is my corner of the internet to educate you, inspire you and help you adopt AI so we can survive in this economy.

Fix yourself some tea and enjoy the read!

3 AI Tools, 2 AI Examples & 1 AI Tutorial, let’s go!

3 AI Marketing Tools

  1. 🤙DreamMachine is like Sora but you can use it today. Basically, it turns any prompt or an image into a 5-second hyperrealistic video. The future of Hollywood is going to be interesting

  2. 👨‍💻UIdesigner has gotten even better. If you want to generate UI designs for your new project or even just for inspiration, just turn your idea into an entire design, thanks AI

  3. 🤖This is basically AI but for illustrations. Just pick your illustration style, type the prompt and voila generate custom illustrations

2 AI Examples

AI Automation might just be the most valuable skill right now!

Data on autopilot

Speaking of automation. I built a super fun new automation this week. This automation will automatically scrape my Instagram stats 2 weeks after posting a video and update my content database. Let’s see what data says and how my content changes based on it.

Automating my IG stats in Airtable

1 New AI Skill

The ultimate AI tools guide for content creation

Content collaboration to the next level

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