🧠 3-2-1: AI finally meets the hype?

My new favorite AI workflow is to turn voice to invoice

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What a week! OpenAI announced they’re making GPT-4 features free, releasing an eerily realistic AI assistant and Google playing catch-up 

Anyway, 3 AI Tools, 2 AI Examples & 1 AI Tutorial, let’s go!

3 AI Marketing Tools

  1. 🤙VoiceNotes might be the best AI note-taking app ever. Apparently, they have a free plan yet they made $100,000 in the first days after the launch. Is the hype real? check it out for yourself

  2. 👨‍💻If you ever need to turn your document/notes into a PowerPoint presentation, you need PopAI. The conversion to slides is actually really good

  3. 🤖SafeSpaceAI is a virtual coach to help you practice difficult conversations at work. (fun fact: I built this app with some friends last weekend as part of a hackathon)

2 AI Examples

Voice to Invoice

This is one of the best automation I’ve built this year. Creating invoices is always a painful task but I like getting paid so I had to suck it up. But not anymore.

Now, I just to create a voice note with the invoice details and this AI automation automatically creates an invoice and drafts an email to my customer with that invoice. Thanks, AI

My version of Voice to Invoice workflow. I will share a full tutorial on my YouTube soon

RIP Data Analysts?

I’ve been a fan of JuliusAI for data analysis earlier. But now with GPT 4o things are getting beyond insane. Julius is now on steroids.

Julius is an AI for advanced data analytics. Just add your data and you can ask Julius to perform any analysis you want. No matter how complex.

If you’re still not gonna make data-driven decisions, give me 1 excuse.

1 New AI Skill

Are AI influencers the future?

Creativity has no limits. I can’t believe people have been able to monetize AI influencers. If you ever wanted to explore AI influencing or build one for your brand. Here’s the tutorial 

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